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TeachOUT Outdoor Science Game App released

After the two years of intensive co-coperation, development and testings the new TeachOUT Outdoor Science Game App is finally ready to be released.

The App is developed as tool for improving teaching, that together with the creator CMS provides teachers with the tools to make and publish treasure hunt games to smartphones for their pupils to learn and enjoy on the field trips. Teachers can take into account different learning styles and teaching and learning through all the senses.

On the other side, it gives students the opportunity to experience practical teaching with a lot of self-activity, fresh air and physical activity.

How the app is used

Firstly, teachers (or any other person working in the field of education) have to position GPS locations (treasure locations) and enter the introductory descriptions with defined challenges in the creator CMS. After the testing, the creator is able to publish the Outdoor Science Game in the TeachOUT App.

Now, the pupils are able to download the game on their devices and follow the directions in the game to go to predefined treasure locations (GPS positioned), where the app will present information about the location provided by the teacher. After learning about the location, the pupils will solve various challenges about the subject at hand. Some challenges requires uploading pictures, images or videos to the game server. This will require a decent internet connection to be able to upload the content. If no network is avaiable when the challenges is completed, it will queue up on the device and upload when the user is in network range.

New types of Location-based challenges

The games offer various challenge types for the pupils to solve on location using their smartphones. The challenge types include multiple-choice answer to quiestions, written answers to question, answer a set of questions to find out what the pupil is investingating, ability to take photos of specifid subjects, and the ability to decorate the photos by drawing on then or to put predefined graphics on them.

Download the App

Get it for Android on Play Store

Get it for iOS on the App Store

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