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ON-LINE RESEARCH of national curricula and methodology of natural science teaching

The ESTEAM project, Enhancement of School Teaching Methods, by linking between schools, experts and geoparks in combination with outdoor activities and ICT technologies, aims to improve the quality of teaching/ learning through an innovative methodology that links national curricula goals in natural science education with the development of a mobile platform in combination with outdoor activities.

This on-line questionnaire is associated with the research of national curricula in natural sciences and intends to evaluate the personal experience, difficulties and expectations, advantages and disadvantages of different activities in natural science teaching and the use of different methods and pedagogic approaches.

The on-line research is focused on three target groups:

  • Students in elementary schools (age 12 – 15 years)

  • Natural science teachers in elementary schools

  • Future natural science teachers (University students – only in Slovenia)

We would greatly appreciate you to complete this on-line questionnaire.

If you are a STUDENT AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (12 – 15 YEARS OLD), please click HERE.

If you are a NATURAL SCIENCE TEACHER in elementary school, please click HERE.

If you are a FUTURE NATURAL SCIENCE TEACHER (University of Ljubljana student), please click HERE.

Solving this on-line questionnaire will take 15 – 20 minutes of your time.

Thank you for your contribution to this important research!


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